About Apogee



The highest point in the development of something; a climax or culmination. The point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is furthest from the earth.

What’s in a name? Apogee Wealth Partners was founded with the belief that individuals and organizations have goals they want to achieve. Often times we find that they don’t have a partner who can objectively review their situation and provide actionable items to help them. No matter where you live or where you are in your financial journey, we want to be that partner looking in at your situation, providing advice and suggestions in areas that may need attention along the way. We want to help you get to your financial apogee.

Our Philosophy

What’s best for you is what’s best for us. This clear and simple idea is what drives the practice at Apogee Wealth Partners. Our purpose is to treat you respectfully and ethically; embracing and empathizing with your goals. By understanding what is important to you, and applying proven financial planning methods, we strive to help you achieve those goals.

Let’s chat about what is important to you.