Gen Z still needs help with money

Tennessee is one of about 30 states that mandate financial literacy education in schools. Hamilton County is emerging as a leader in the state, elevating basic finance to a core requirement and adopting a robust new curriculum. All good and deserving of praise. A recent study from credit bureau TransUnion demonstrates just how much more […]

Will the housing boom go bust like 2006? Not likely.

US home prices roared higher following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and although there has been a moderate pullback lately, the median selling price remains 30% higher than in January 2020. An asset boom inevitably raises the specter of an impending bust, especially with the memory of the real estate crash during the Great […]

Credit building apps: are they worth a try?

Most Americans well understand the importance of a good credit score and work diligently to achieve and maintain a strong history of debt management. Numerical ratings like FICO and VantageScore are widely used for most lending decisions as well as pricing insurance, evaluating rental applications, and even vetting job applicants. This is a problem for […]